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The first generation game console!

Inspired by retro-gaming, 8Bit Box contains everything you need to recreate the sensations we had while playing the legendary games of the 80s.

The console allows the storage of 6 controllers, 5 dice and dozens of cubes of all colors. This material represents the generic material common to all the games. The games are presented in separate boxes (3 are present in the basic bundle). The games bring specific material, like tiles, tokens, cards, etc. Controllers in hand, enjoy a new gaming experience to share with your friends.

Games :

Use your joystick to move around the PCB. Do you play Pixoid? Try to run away from the Bugs as long as possible!
Are you a Bug? Coordinate your movements as best as possible with the other Bugs to catch Pixoid as quickly as possible!

Players: 3 to 4 players. Age: from 6 years old. Duration: 15 min.

With your joystick, with each new tile, choose the path you will take for the next section of the race. There are many strategies you can think of, and you will need to be clever to get to the finish line first. Knowing how to manage the quantity of fuel oil in the tank, accelerate at the right time, and put obstacles in the way of opponents are the keys to success for any pilot.

Players: 3-6. Age: from 8 years old. Duration: 30 min.

Using your controller, with each new tile, choose the amount of energy you want to commit to this ordeal.
Your energy isn't endless, and the games are long. Show team spirit, rest when needed, and go all out for the finals to win the most medals. The team with the most medals at the end of the 10 events wins the game.

Players: 4 or 6. Age: from 10 years old. Duration: 40 min.