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Funko Pop Mystery Box

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Hobby du Lac is proud to present the first series of its mystery boxes!

40 Boxes Available

What's in the box: 

- Minimum of 3 pops and maximum of 6 pops in total.

- At least 1 `` special '' pop (Exclusive, Chase, Px, Ride, 2-pack etc ...)

- Minimum $ 30 CAD of PPG value 


50% of the boxes are worth: $ 25- $ 40

25% is worth between $ 40 and $ 60

15% is between $ 60 and $ 75

10% is worth between $ 75 and $ 100


The pops can come from our inventory or from my personal collection several pops have never been displayed on our site! Pops can be recent or vaulted. In short, its boxes can contain anything! Please note that no individual Pop is worth more than $ 60




Alma and surroundings:

We are located in Alma in Saguenay Lac St-Jean, so we offer, within an 85km radius, free delivery with no minimum order! 

Deliveries are made by our team according to the following schedule: 

Alma and surroundings: Weekday evenings and weekends
Saguenay: Saturday Evening and Tuesday PM
Lake tour: Sunday night 

Elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario:

Delivery charges for the rest of Quebec and Ontario: 

Order from 1.00 - 124.99$:
Expedited 0kg–4.99kg: 10$

                 5kg and more: $15

Order of $125.00 and more:


Rest of Canada: 

Standard 0kg-2kg: 18$
Standard 2kg-5kg: 20$
Free with $125 or more purchase



Standard 0.5kg–1.5kg 19,90 $
Standard 1.5kg–30kg 29,90 $
Expedited 0kg–0.5kg 34,90 $
Expedited 0.5kg–1.5kg 36,90 $